Heat of the Moment

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’Formula for care?'
Tonic Gallery at St John’s Hospital, Livingston
27th March - August 2023

PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, Vermont
2nd - 24th March 2023

Procreate Project Archive
OVADA , Oxford
3rd March –April 2023

‘The Heat of the moment’ is a collection from my ongoing photo- journaling practice, recording the challenges of my mothering experience.
On the floor of a small London flat during the first heatwave of the summer, a mother breastfeeds a feverish young child. The chaotic scene encapsulates the intensity of moment. It's the oft repeated story of putting everything aside without notice, and a visual representation of a mother's acute concern for her child and their wellbeing eclipsing all else.
It's also my story of 'failing' treatment for an eating disorder, frustrated by the clinicians who were unable to comprehend my wish to breastfeed, my responsibilities as a mother and the difficulty in prioritising their strictly timed schedules ahead of the needs of my baby.