Dry Bones


‘Dry Bones’
Charnwood Museum, Loughborough
August 2023

‘Dry bones’ is a work in progress, and a part of my broader project, ‘Consumed’ documenting my personal experience as a mother working towards anorexia recovery.

This series of partially decomposed papers has evolved from an earlier work exploring the process of weaning my daughter onto solid food. Each paper piece is marked with food traces from one of her first hundred meals, and embellished from two years consumption by a variety of other organisms.

The process of creation mirrors the development of osteoporosis in my spine. Whilst the papers have been nourishing other lifeforms I have continued to breastfeed my daughter, and my bones have been unable sustain themselves.

However this story and the work is not yet complete. My daughter and I are shortly to end our breastfeeding journey. As I reclaim my and strengthen my bones so to do I intend to strengthen and reclaim the torn papers through the creation of new artworks……