The Work of Desire

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'Beyond The Brain'
THECUBE, Shorditch
28th June - September 2018

'Digital Edge'
Sommerset house, Strand
24th June 2019

The work of desire’, refers to the role of time and effort in acquiring gratification of a want: by providing space for reflection and embodiment it facilitates understanding and ownership of the underlying desire. The abundance of internet content, available at “the click of a switch”, overrides this. Combined with its propensity to push unrequested content, the internet thus acts as disruptive force in the formation of identity, particularly pernicious during sexual development.

My installation, presented at THECUBE, London in 2018 and subseqently at  Someset House in 2019,  consists of 11 Perspex panels, suspended up to 50cm in-front of a 108x200cm mirror. Panel dimensions are consistent with screens of the computing devices commonly used to interact with and understand the world. Each panel presents the photo of a minor, UV printed in a manner as to replicate shattered glass. Fragments of the image are replaced with corresponding aspects from young adults in sexualised poses. The mirror, visible through gaps within and between images, implicates the onlooker into the broken scene and creates an illusion of continuity in space.